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Funding your claim

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People often feel forced to seek employment law advice when they are least able to afford it. We try to offer a range of options to make effective legal advice and representation accessible.

It is worth remembering that for claims in the Employment Tribunal, you cannot normally recover your legal costs whether you win or lose.

Free employment law advice from an employment solicitor: We always consider initial enquiries by telephone free of charge and may be able to offer advice at that point.

If the case meets our criteria, we may be able to offer a Damages Based Fee Agreement (a so-called ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement).

We will always invite you to check any household contents or other insurance policies. Sometimes people have legal expenses insurance without realising it! If appropriate, we will offer a fixed fee for a particular piece of work.

Although costs are not normally recoverable in Employment Tribunal claims, it may be possible to persuade your (ex) employer to contribute to your legal costs, particularly if a Compromise Agreement has been offered.

We will give a clear estimate of costs before undertaking work and can agree a cap on costs.

Read about the costs of an unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal claim at: Costs

See also ACAS and the Free Representation Unit.

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