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Employers: Employment Contracts

Employment Contract Solicitors:

What would you do if a key member of staff left and tried to poach all your clients? We can help you put effective contracts of employment in place to help protect the essential interests of your business.

There are several very persuasive reasons to get proper contracts of employment in place:

  • To protect your business by ensuring that employees cannot steal your clients, ideas and confidential information.
  • To govern the relations between you and your employees, in order to both anticipate and avoid potential problems, and if they arise, to set them right.
  • And finally in order to be legally compliant.

In employment law, prevention is much better than the cure. Our employment contracts are tailored to the needs of your specific organisation. One size does not fit all and there are over issues which we will need to consider when preparing a contract on your behalf.

The finished document will be provided to you electronically. You only need insert personal information for each employee on the first page making the contract easy to use again and again as you take on more staff.

(Please note that a separate agreement is needed to regulate relations between partners or shareholders.)

Policies and Procedures:

Employment law changes and develops all the time and it is easy for employers to become out of touch with the duties and obligations. Most busy employers need to keep their policies up to date in line with new legislation, to manage problems which arise with staff effectively and lawfully and to avoid spending hours of time and large amounts of money doing so. We can therefore provide a full range of non-contractual policies including:

  • Disciplinary
  • Email and IT
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Fire
  • Flexible Working
  • Grievance
  • Gifts
  • Health and Safety
  • Maternity
  • Parental Leave
  • Performance
  • Personal Data
  • Sickness Absence
  • Smoking etc
  • Time Off For Dependants
  • Vehicle Use

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