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Redundancy. Time off to look for work during the notice period

A qualifying employee who is under notice of dismissal by reason of redundancy is entitled to ‘reasonable’ paid time off work to look for new work or for training. To qualify for this right, the employee must have completed a minimum of two years’ continuous employment.


If the employer unreasonably refuses either to allow the employee to take time off or provide pay during the time off in accordance with ERA 1996, ss.52/53 the employee can complain to a Tribunal within three months of the date on which paid time off should have been allowed (ERA 1996 s.54(2)).


S52 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 states:


(1)An employee who is given notice of dismissal by reason of redundancy is entitled to be permitted by his employer to take reasonable time off during the employee’s working hours before the end of his notice in order to—

(a)look for new employment, or

(b)make arrangements for training for future employment.


What is ‘reasonable’ will depend on the individual requirements of the person being made redundant and the employer.

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