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Settlement Agreement: Can I get an Agreed Reference

If you are leaving your employment following a dispute with your employer, then it will be particularly important to you to preserve your reputation and to get a reference when apply for jobs in the future.


If you are in any doubt about what your employer will say about you after you leave, we will always recommend getting an agreed reference as part of a Settlement Agreement.


It is increasingly common nowadays for employers only to give brief factual references, simply confirming job title and dates of employment, especially if you are employed by financial or legal institutions. This is because your employer could be sued by a future employer if they say anything which is inaccurate or misleading. This can be a concern to employees, but the more common this practice is, the less that is likely to be read into it by a future employer.


It may also be worth asking for reciprocal obligations from your employer in respect of confidentiality and/or critical or damaging comments, particularly if you are leaving in unhappy circumstances.


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