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We are Employment Law Solicitors for Employees:

For most of us, work is key to our sense of identity and self worth. If things go wrong, it can have a devastating effect on us both financially and emotionally. We have helped many people by giving realistic, practical and jargon-free advice to get the best result for you.

Funding is a particularly important issue, particularly if you have just lost your job. For more information on funding please click the link on the left.

We can help you in many areas of employment law, including:

Redundancy and
Settlement Agreements

Most people will experience redundancy at some point in their working life. We have helped many people  through this difficult period We will get you the best available deal when negotiating Redundancy, or Settlement Agreements.  We have also developed a Statutory Redundancy Payment Calculator tool which tells you a) what your statutory redundancy payment would be b) your statutory entitlement to notice, and c) what you might recover if your dismissal was unfair.

Unfair Dismissal

You may have been unfairly dismissed for supposed misconduct, or dismissed for alleged poor performance. You may have been forced to resign. We will give you practical, realistic advice on the value and merits of your claim and take the claim all the way to a Tribunal hearing if settlement is not possible. Learn More. Read about the costs of a claim at costs.

Disciplinary proceedings

We can advise you on how best to present your case at disciplinary or grievance hearings. Learn more

Working excessive hours

If your employer is working you like a slave, or failing to give you paid holiday, they may be in breach of the Working Time Regulations.

Discrimination Claims

Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation and religious belief is unlawful and can have a devastating effect on the victim.

Few employers ever admit to discrimination or harassment and some will do it unwittingly. We have substantial experience in all types of discrimination claims and are skilled at presenting Tribunal claims. Learn more

Maternity & Paternity Rights

If you are a mother-to-be or have given birth, we can intervene when your health and safety has been threatened, or your employment put at risk and can clarify what your legal rights are. There is now the right to paternity leave, unpaid parental leave and unpaid time off to deal with family emergencies. We can advise you on these rights and how to apply them. 

Deductions from your pay

If your boss has docked your pay without your written consent, or failed to pay you for accrued holiday, you may be able to claim ‘unlawful deduction of wages’. We can help stop this happening or bring a claim to recover the money docked. Read More

Work-place bullying and harassment

We can help you if you are being bullied at work. We may be able to stop it happening, or if things have gone too far, we can seek a negotiated severance for you. Read more

Flexible Working

Parents with children under the age of six and disabled children have the legal right to request flexible working. We can help you assert this right.


Are you a whistle blower? You may become aware that something illegal, unlawful or unethical is going on in your organisation. We will advise you what to do about it and act for you if you suffer a detriment as a result of making a protected disclosure. Read more

Time Limits

Don’t forget, most claims must generally be received by the Employment Tribunal no later than three months from the date of the last act complained of. You should now normally make use of internal procedures (such as appeals or grievances) before bringing a claim in the Tribunal. Read more

Discretionary Bonuses

Sometimes disputes regarding discretionary bonuses can arise, especially if you are
leaving your job whether by resignation or redundancy, and frequently a problem for people working in investment banks in the City of London. Read more

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