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Statutory Redundancy Payment

Redundancy Calculator Tool:

If you have over two years’ service when you are made redundant, you will be entitled to:

  • A statutory redundancy payment
  • Statutory notice or payment in lieu (contractual notice may be greater)

This redundancy ready reckoner will give you a calculation of:

  • Your entitlement to a statutory redundancy payment
  • Your statutory entitlement to notice (or payment in lieu of notice)
  • A comparison with what you might get if your selection for redundancy is unfair, and if it takes you six months to find suitable alternative employment

This information may help give you an impression of whether your employer is treating you reasonably (for example if offering you an enhanced redundancy payment). The results page will then provide you with further information on the key aspects of a fair redundancy procedure before you take further legal advice (which we always recommend).

Please note: This tool is only applicable for redundancies in England and Wales, and not Northern Ireland

What date will / did your employment end?

How many full years will you have worked by that date?

What will your age be when your employment ends?

What is your annual gross pay?

What is your estimated monthly take home pay after tax and NI?

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