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Settlement Agreements and why should I sign one?


A Settlement Agreement is an agreement regulated by statute to bring to an end all and any statutory claims arising from your employment or the termination of your employment, as well as any other claims arising. To settle statutory employment claims, you cannot simply accept an offer in ‘full and final settlement’; you have to take independent legal advice first.


If your employer wishes to prevent you from bringing, or continuing, any statutory claims that have arisen or might arise from your employment or its termination, it is necessary to have a formal Settlement Agreement (previously known as a ‘Compromise Agreement’). The statutory claims that are being compromised by the agreement have to be specified in it. Statutory claims will include, for example, unfair dismissal, unlawful deductions from wages, sex, race, age or other unlawful discrimination.


Employers also use Settlement Agreements to settle other claims arising from your employment such as breach of contract and claims in negligence (for example personal injury claims).


Once a Settlement Agreement is signed by both parties, it will bring to an end your right to pursue the specified statutory claims and other claims arising from your employment or its termination in an Employment Tribunal or elsewhere (including for example the County Court or High Court).


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Common Questions regarding Settlement Agreements

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