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Why do I need to see an employment solicitor before signing a Settlement Agreement

We are independent legal advisers on settlement agreements:

In order for the Settlement Agreement to be binding, you need to take independent legal advice, normally from a qualified solicitor. The solicitor should explain the Settlement Agreement to you and advise you on your ability to pursue claims in the Employment Tribunal or elsewhere if you enter into it.


Our experienced employment solicitors:

  • are fully qualified, hold current practising certificates and are covered by a relevant form of professional indemnity insurance;
  • will identify any claims arising from your employment or the circumstances of its termination. If, for example, the Settlement Agreement is being offered to you as a result of a redundancy situation, the procedure adopted might give rise to a claim for unfair dismissal, or there may be claims for unpaid salary, bonuses or other matters. In order to do this, we will need to know from you all the relevant facts;
  •  will consider the merits of any claims and their potential value; and
  •  will advise you on whether the sum offered as settlement is reasonable in the circumstances;
  • will advise you on the meaning and the effect of the agreement
  • will negotiate on your behalf as appropriate.


If you live or work in London, especially the City, Holborn or the West End, contact us today for a free initial chat with an experienced employment solicitor to see how we can help get the best deal for you.



Common Questions regarding Settlement Agreements


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