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Employment Tribunal Claims

It’s vital to get the right support when starting an employment tribunal claim

An employment tribunal claim is a legal process that allows individuals to seek compensation for issues that have arisen in the workplace. These claims can be made against an employer for a variety of reasons such as discrimination, unfair dismissal and failure to pay wages.

The first step in filing a claim is to submit an ACAS Early Conciliation Request online. If no resolution can be reached, ACAS will issue an ACAS EC Certificate with a number which you then need to submit an Employment Tribunal claim. This must be submitted within three months less a day from the date of the dismissal or the act complained of (see Time Limits for Employment Tribunal Claims).

The next step would therefore be to fill out a claim form and submit it to the Employment Tribunal.  Often this has to be done within one month of ACAS issuing the ACAS EC Certificate 

The ET1 claim form must contain information about the Respondent you wish to bring the claim against, details of what happened and when, and why you believe a claim arises..

Once the claim form has been submitted, the Employment Tribunal will issue the claim, and then the Respondent will have 28 days to submit its Form ET3 response. 

If the Respondent submits its Form ET3 response, the Tribunal will either fix a Full Merits Hearing to consider the claim, or it will fix a Preliminary Hearing to clarify the issues and give directions. 

Often, the parties will negotiate a settlement before the full merits hearing takes place, and ACAS can continue to help with that.

If the case proceeds to a hearing, both the claimant and the employer will have the opportunity to present evidence and call witnesses. The Employment Tribunal will then make a decision based on the evidence presented.

These types of claims can be a complex and stressful process, therefore it’s important to seek the right support from lawyers who specialise in employment tribunal claims.

At Reculver Solicitors we are employment tribunal solicitors and lawyers

The Employment Tribunal system was originally designed to enable people to bring and defend claims without the assistance of a lawyer. However, the system has since become increasingly difficult, therefore it is now critical for people to have the right help by their side.

Our employment tribunal solicitors can advise and represent you a wide range of Employment Tribunal matters and will provide you realistic, practical and jargon-free guidance to secure the best result for you.
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