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Virtual in-house service

By planning your legal needs for the year ahead with us, you can save up to 50% in legal fees, and get a better, more proactive service, committed to understanding and meeting your organisation’s needs day by day, week by week, year by year.

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Most solicitors charge by time spent working on your behalf. Hourly rates in excess of ?200 + VAT are not uncommon. Those solicitors may sit in their office a long way from you, be reactive and not proactive, and have little understanding of your business needs. The more time the lawyer spends, the more you pay. For more and more organisations, this is simply unacceptable.

Tell Me In A Nutshell

In addition to using us to deal with ad hoc issues such as Tribunal claims, severance deals, disciplinary hearings etc, we can sit down and agree a set of tasks with you such as:

  • Providing training to managers on performance issues, disciplinary and grievance hearings, equal opportunities, or other issues of concern to you.
  • Updating contracts of employment
  • Drafting effective post-termination restrictions
  • Updating policies & procedures
  • Providing guidance on new legislation
  • Dealing with other issues which concern you.

So what’s in it for us?

You may well ask what’s in it for you? Well;

  • You make a massive saving compared to buying the same legal services from other perhaps more conventional law firms.
  • You can budget your legal costs more effectively.
  • You get a lawyer who spends time consistently at your offices, and who gets to know you, your management team and staff.
  • You get a lawyer who can work with you proactively to avoid problems arising in the first place.
  • You get to achieve all of those things that you always mean to do but never quite have the time to cover, such as getting policies and procedures right, keeping up to date with the fast-changing legal landscape, and getting proper training for your management team.
  • You can afford to involve a lawyer at times you otherwise may not, such as disciplinary and grievance meetings.
  • You get a lawyer you can call upon in the evenings, at the weekend, or even the middle of the night!
  • You have the peace of mind of knowing that your ‘virtual in-house employment lawyer’ has proper professional indemnity insurance and is regulated by the Law Society.
  • You get a ‘key’ lawyer assigned to your organisation with over 5 years experience representing many different types of employers.

Can we rely on the service seven days a week, 24 hours a day?
Yes. You will be assigned a ‘key’ lawyer who you will be able to contact at any time either at the office, on his/her mobile or home telephone number.

How much time will our key lawyer spend at our offices?
That’s really up to you, but we would like to spend a substantial amount of our time at your premises to help us get to understand you and your organisation. We want to avoid just being a voice at the end of the telephone.

What’s the next step?
Call us now to make an appointment to discuss your specific needs or email us for more information.

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