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Zero Hours Contracts

Posted on December 20, 2013

20 December 2013: Zero Hour Contracts for Santa’s Little Helpers

There has been controversy at the North Pole this week with the announcement of government consultation on the regulation of zero hours contracts.


Santa has been unimpressed by the proposal to ban ‘exclusivity clauses’ to prevent his elves from working for more than one employer, even though he can provide his team of pointy-hatted-helpers no guarantee of work.


Where will it end?’ Santa was reported as asking yesterday, ‘Elves working in Tesco’s?’ Santa argues that zero hours contracts enable the modern elf to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


However a representative for the elves commented ‘The boss has us sitting around for half the year waiting for work. When he says, ‘jump’, we say ‘how high?’ One week we may earn ten mince pies, the next week only one. It’s just not fair.’


Santa added ‘Ho, ho, ho. I’ll be wrapping Vince Cable’s present in that consultation paper if he’s not careful!


The North Pole Corporation has asked us to point out that it is an Equal Elves Opportunities Employer.


Merry Christmas from everyone at Reculver Solicitors!

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