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Redundancy, unfair dismissal awards to increase

Posted on March 27, 2015

27 March 2015:   Changes from the 6th April 2015: The following changes will take effect from the 6th April 2015:


The National Minimum Wage will be:

  • £6.50 ph for a worker who is aged 21 years or over (up from £6.31);
  • £5.13 ph for a worker who is aged 18 years or over (but under 21) (up from £5.03) ;
  • £3.79 ph for a worker who is aged under 18 years (up from £3.72);
  • £2.73 ph for apprentices under regulation 5 (up from £2.68).

(National Minimum Wage Regulations 2015)


When it was introduced in 2005 the NWM for adults was £5.05 ph, so it does not seem to have gone up that much in the last ten years. The (non-compulsory London Living Wage is currently £9.15 ph)


A maximum week’s pay for the purposes of statutory redundancy payments and basic awards (in unfair dismissal claims)  will increase to £475 gross (previously £464) pw.


Maximum compensatory awards in unfair dismissal claims will go up to (the lesser of 52 weeks gross pay or) £78,335 (previously £76,574) for dismissals after that date. (Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2015)


Statutory Maternity Pay, Adoption, Paternity, Additional Paternity and Shared Parental Pay will go up to  £139.58 pw (previously £138.18).


Statutory Sick Pay will go up to £88.45 pw (previously £87.55). (The Welfare Benefits Up-rating Order 2015)


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