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Redundancy in London

Posted on July 09, 2013

9 June 2013:  Unfortunately, its increasingly common for employees in London to be made redundant at some time or other during their career.


Mostly people assume that redundancy applies in a traditional redundancy situation, when a business closes down, or a department is disbanded.


Although the definition of redundancy is the reduction in the need for employees to do work of a particular kind in a particular place, more often than not a redundancy situation will arise when there is a reorganisation within a department.


Sometimes there will be only a redundancy ‘at risk’ selection pool of one. Sometimes that redundancy selection pool will be larger. Very often a redundancy selection matrix will be used to score staff who are at risk within the redundancy pool. Sometimes all staff will be required to apply for the remaining roles within a team or department.


If a redundancy situation is prejudged, or has been engineered to select a particular person to get them out of the organisation, this dismissal will be unfair. Quite often businesses try to remove someone because their face no longer fits, for whatever reason. Again, that is likely to amount to unfair dismissal.

Londoners should not consider redundancy to be a stigma on them and their reputation, though of course for anyone, being made redundant is a very difficult transition to manage. Most prospective employers will not criticise someone for having been made redundant at some point in their career.


For more information on redundancy, Read more. Alternatively call today for advice from one of our solicitors specialising in redundancy.   If you have been offered a settlement agreement, follow the link.


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