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11 March 2016: Splitting Commission: In Hills v Niksun Inc, reported this week the Court of Appeal   held that the High Court was entitled to increase the level of commission awarded to a salesperson by the employer.   Generally when consider employer’s … Continue reading

Posted on June 13, 2013

Re-organisations and reductions in pay

Posted in: law

10 May 2013 Sometimes, as part of a reorganisation, an employer may want to re-grade staff, and reduce pay under the new grading structure. Employees can be understandably reluctant to agree.   In Sandford v Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS … Continue reading

Posted on July 09, 2010

Recouping overpayments of salary

Posted in: employment

July 2010: Nowadays, most employees get paid directly into their bank account, and don’t notice very often what goes in, and assume that the employer can correctly calculate what they should receive per month. Employers however often get it wrong, … Continue reading

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