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10 July 2015: National Living Wage: This week George Osborne has announced that the National Minimum Wage will be increased to a National Living Wage, starting at £7.20 and rising to £9 an hour by 2020, replacing the £6.50 minimum … Continue reading

Posted on November 04, 2014

Holiday Pay must include overtime

Posted in: employment

4 November 2014: Does holiday pay include overtime? When calculating the statutory right to paid holiday, most employers make the calculation based on basic pay only, and not overtime.  Should they?   The Employment Appeal Tribunal has just issued its answer … Continue reading

10 October 2014: Are ‘Self Employed’ consultants really employees? Many organisations engage self-employed consultants to carry out work for them, sometimes over a period of years.   Problems can arise when business wants to dispense with their services, as whatever the … Continue reading

Posted on May 23, 2014

Holiday Pay Should Include Commission

Posted in: employment

23 May 2014: As widely reported in the media this week, the European Court of Justice has held in Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd that, when a worker’s pay ordinarily includes commission, her salary should not be reduced because she … Continue reading

Posted on August 30, 2013

Sick Pay And Holiday Leave

Posted in: employment

30 August 2013: What happens when employees fall sick whilst on holiday abroad; can they claim back holiday leave and take it as sick pay instead?   Since 2009 it has been established that the right to paid holiday continues … Continue reading

19 July 2013: Holiday Pay Calculation May Include Overtime Pay Most employers will exclude overtime pay when calculating the correct rate of holiday pay, but that approach has to be reviewed following Neal v Freightliner Ltd, reported this week.   … Continue reading

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